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It's That Time Again!

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Yes, yes, y'all ... and it don't stop.

I'm referring to Time, in case you didn't realize that. It doesn't stop, but we can dominate it and make it work for us. It just takes understanding and wisdom. One way I dominate Time is by planning my life.

I usually ask for a new planner, Pilot G2 Gel pens and a new Bible version each year for Christmas. Well, this year I already have enough events for 2023 that I needed my planner in November so I ordered one. Two. 😊

Planning and preparation are a part of my DNA. Literally. I look to the future, see what can be and then I map out how to get there. I don't do stagnation. I have too much potential to remain the same or in the same place year after year, therefore, I'm always pushing forward. This is true for you, too. You have too much potential for where you are now. It doesn't matter where you are currently. There's always more you can do, see, know and be. And, if you need help accessing and working your potential, I have several resources that will launch you into supernatural success.

  1. Mentoring

  2. VIP - Supernatural Business Incubator

  3. Teachings

  4. The Father's Payroll

  5. The Courts of Heaven

  6. Courses

I'm giving a planner away because I only need one. I ordered two because one has a full-size section for Sunday tasks and the other splits Saturday and Sunday. I want a full day for Sunday because it's my busiest (most productive) work day of the week. But, the planner that has the extra space for Sunday isn't the cover design I prefer. I'll give away the one I choose not to keep. If you'd like to be entered to win, please comment below 1. if you use a written or digital calendar and 2. which day of the week is your most productive. And, third thing to do is email at zaribanksinc @ gmail dot com to let me know you entered to win. I need the email notify you and to request your mailing address if you win. Please don't enter just to win, only enter if you'll actually use it. I want this to be a blessing to someone, not collect dust because selfishness decided to block someone else's receiving. Contest closes November 30, 2022.

I've already seen a decent portion of my 2023. Have you looked forward, yet? It's not too early to begin. If you look and see what you want to do and be in 2023 and start planning for it, a year from now you'll be amazed at all you accomplished. Witness.

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