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Quantum Physics

Last time I mentioned Quantum Physics as a method of creation and manifestation. I'm no expert, of course, and more of a Spiritual Scientist than a natural one, but as someone who enjoys knowing how and why things work I have a basic understanding.

Quantum Physics is the natural way of explaining Faith or that believing is seeing. We can speak and create or manifest occurrences into this natural realm by forming an Inner Vision. But the Inner Vision is only the beginning; we can't stop there. We have to go another step and speak The Inner Vision into the atmosphere with our words to make it reality.

We all have desires of what we want to be, do or have. They're internal - only thoughts - until we speak them. When we speak them, vibrations are released that begin to shift particles in the unseen realm around us and these particles act as Building Blocks. Business owners, entrepreneurs and highly successful individuals understand this truth even if they can't verbalize it.

Successful businesses and corporations have clear Visions, people who achieve anything have clear Visions. They see where they want to be and aren't deterred by present circumstances. Seeing themselves where they want to be empowers them to get there eventually. I've often referenced comedian and actor Jim Carrey's history of writing himself a check for $1 Million that he carried around in his pocket to support his Vision of being paid that amount. It eventually happened.

I have a love/dislike relationship with running. I love it and the benefits that come with it, but I'd rather only run five minutes and be done. My runs are three to six miles and in order to keep going beyond five minutes I have several strategies I employ. One is seeing myself in a particular location at the conclusion of each kilometer. For example, when I start out, I have a picture of the street I should be on when my app indicates I've completed one km. From there I look ahead to where I should be when I hit the second km mark. So on and so forth until finished.

This is Quantum Physics at work. It may be a simplified process, but it works to explain and to manifest Vision. I don't leave out the speaking part either. The whole time I'm running I'm telling my body: that it's loose, that it loves running, my lungs aren't troubled so my legs must do what I tell them, that it doesn't hurt and that I run 10k's daily so keep going and get it done. Also, on my Creation List, which I read at least once daily, I have a Declaration (some call them Affirmations) that I run 10k's daily. By speaking it I'm building the blocks to manifest that as reality in the future.

If you're interested in personalized help for constructing your Life Vision, a Creation List or in need of some Wisdom for success, schedule a call today. You can do, be and have anything you desire with the proper plan to make it happen.

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