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Time and Destiny

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

As a teacher, I truly enjoy learning and sharing what I've discovered with others. I'm teaching a series of personal development courses this season. The first was held in December and the third will end in March.

I'm a believer in Destiny and that everyone is created with Purpose and to do something extraordinary. Just as people are unique, their Destinies and what's extraordinary is specific to each.

I have a decent degree of self-awareness and make the effort to improve myself consistently so that I can live out my Destiny. Sadly many people are so consumed with paying bills they have no concept of Destiny and are simply passing the time until they're able to retire. Recent statistics state that 70% of people dislike their jobs. That's terrible.

Time passes quickly in general, but when it's being spent doing something you dislike year after year, it seems those days get sucked into a vortex that speeds your life up even more.

As a teacher and mentor, I help people discover their Destinies and assist in constructing plans that allow for fulfilling and prosperous work to become realities. I stepped off of my Destiny Path for about 2.5 years to do something that didn't allow me to produce, create or change lives. And I truly believe the increasing cases of anxiety, anger and internal frustration that develop when doing work that you don't enjoy are what's causing so much tension in this nation.

People feel stuck and they don't know what to do. And because many corporations just want the work done and aren't concerned with their employees' personal development, most aren't providing opportunities for workers to find positions that bring them peace and joy along with the salary.

Life is more than working only to pay bills. It's more than 50 weeks on and only two weeks of vacation added to already too much credit card debt. There are everyday people who enjoy their work and their lives so that means it's possible for everyone. If that's not your reality, you should be asking how they did it.

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