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Updated: Dec 27, 2022

In late Spring 2019 I drafted what I call a Creation List. It's a list of statements of what I want to manifest in my life. It's a list of focus, intention and goals - all things that keep me on track for living the life I desire.

Staying motivated and focused is serious business. It's life or death. Success or failure. That's why high-achievers or anyone who accomplishes goals regularly are in-demand speakers, teachers and authors. The Motivational & Inspirational market is booming. I'm a witness.

I created my list because I know the power of my words, and as I evaluated the progress of a particular situation the following question came to me: What are you speaking about it?

When working toward an achievement, the seed of success germinates as we completely align ourselves with the finished vision. We must see the end result of our desire and then conform our minds, words and actions to that end result. Then we harvest success after a season of consistency.

For example, since 2016 I've participated in a challenge to run 1000+ km by year end. I set a goal to run 100 km in January 2020. I broke that down into manageable parts, but got behind due to my excuse that it was too cold to run some days. A couple of days I used an indoor machine - I can't do it. Being stuck in one place isn't for me. So, to motivate myself I added a statement about running daily to my Creation List. I also starting reading the posts in my online running group several times a day.

Those strategies, in addition to not wanting to miss my goal, were the perfect motivation for me. I ended up running 9 days in a row to make the 100 km for January, which was tough, but I made it.

A few things to note here:

  1. I ran in 17 days, what I could've spread out over 31 days for greater comfort. This is causing me to be more diligent this month in running more days for shorter distances.

  2. I could make peace with the dreadmill if chose to. I choose not to. I'd rather run outside in the freezing-cold Winter than change my mindset regarding being stuck in one place.

  3. The success process doesn't always or have to go exactly as planned. Even though I'd written out this elaborate system for each km on my January calendar, it totally got messed up but I still achieved my goal. That's what matters.

I've had several items on my Creation List manifest. I had one I recorded June 25, 2019 manifest last night. And it's a pretty significant occurrence. This wasn't something I could do anything physically to make happen. I just spoke it out into the atmosphere in complete confidence that my words possessed the power to bring it to pass. And it's not heeby-jeeby type stuff in case you're wondering ... it's Quantum Physics. We can discuss that next time.

If you're in need of some help creating the future you desire, schedule a mentoring call or book a package. You're pregnant with possibility and potential, and it's up to you to capture the vision and align your life with the end result.

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