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Convenient Political Correctness

Are Americans still concerned with being pc? It's a valid question to ask in 2017.

Riots aren't pc. Peaceful protests are ... riots are not. Ever. It's not politically correct to destroy someone else's property. Nor is it pc to murder or to admit you have murderous tendencies - in most cases, that is.

From my observations, I've discerned we're only politically correct until the moment we feel we can't get what we want. Then ... all bets are off. I've never been a fan of pc nonsense and I seriously doubt I'd ever be accused of trying to be politically correct.

I subscribe to a policy of honor, integrity and speaking the truth in love. My messages aren't always popular because the truth sometimes hurts. But on the flip side, it also sets us free. Therein lies the reality of political correctness - when the truth hurts so badly that we don't want to receive it, be pc instead or risk public shunning.

We are a society of ever-decreasing morals which is the truth. But because that truth is uncomfortable, anyone who states that openly is called intolerant and worse. Political correctness is a lie. It's a facade. It's manipulation. Sugarcoating and denying the truth for popularity or bribery to gain something always leaves one party in a deficit.

​I say if what we're doing and speaking isn't improving and adding to the lives that'll be affected, we have a responsibility to choose differently. I desire for the people I mentor and impact to be free to live their authentic selves and truly be who they are in every situation. I want them to be confident enough to speak their hearts without fear of rejection or retaliation. I'm working on that one client at a time.

​I say political correctness is trash and I'm throwing it out with a bunch of other junk this year. Care to join me?

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