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Job Hunting on Social Media

Job hunting on social media has proven fruitful for many, so if you're in need of a new opportunity, I say go for it.

Recently I had a brief exchange with this lady who'd asked for RTs on her post about seeking employment. I asked if she was willing to relocate for work and she replied, "Do you consider loaning me some money?"

I was shocked. For all she knew I'm the CEO of a huge company with various job openings, but she didn't use wisdom when responding to me. Which technically in the scheme of things doesn't mean diddly squat except ... more higher ups than ever read tweets these days because of Donald Trump and because they know the power of social media. While a lot of companies have staff that tweet, there are some big wigs that tweet for themselves. T-Mobile's CEO and Marcus Lemonis of The Profit for example.

How many people's tweets have come back to bite them? More than just the viral ones we know about. Especially when they've asked the world to RT a tweet and they've done it.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised about anything people do or say these days because we're living in this, 'my space, my voice' culture. Regardless of what's culturally popular right now, the wisdom I offer is that you play the movie forward and think through all of the possible outcomes before you think or speak. If most of the possible responses or results of your words or actions are negative, I'd table them and remain silent if you can. You don't always have to respond.

What do you think? Are we beyond basic professionalism in our society or does it still apply ... even on social media?

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