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Night Dream Believer and a Homecoming Queen

I'm a dreamer.

When I lie down to sleep - even when napping - I begin dreaming or having visions as soon as my mind quiets. EXAMPLE: This past Sunday I was sitting in my napping chair (it's a fabulous La-Z-Boy leather recliner that's perfect for naps) at 5:44 p.m. I noted the time because I had a call scheduled for 6. And somehow in that brief amount of time I fell asleep and went into a really exciting dream. I lost the record of the dream, though, because my phone went off and jolted me awake. I do remember someone - most likely myself - yelling, "Grab that, too!"

Dreams are important tools for guiding our lives and giving us direction IF - and that's a big IF - we will invest the time to record our dreams upon waking and seek proper interpretation through prayer and then if necessary from someone gifted in seeing (interpretation). The Giver of Dreams desires the best for our lives. He knows the plans He has for us and decreed that those plans are for our good, for our prosperity, for our futures and for hope.

Seeking understanding about a dream from any other source other than the Giver Himself cannot yield the truth contained in the dream. Humanistic means based on the mind - which is flawed though amazing in its natural state - cannot adequately interpret dreams because dreams are spiritual communications. That further lends to the fact that if an interpreter isn't of the right spirit - say, a spirit of darkness as opposed to a true spirit of light - they cannot provide an accurate interpretation.

Take some time to examine your night dreams. They're communicating the condition of your soul and spirit. Are you consistently dreaming of dark, negative events and rehearsing the past or are you dreaming of things that speak of your future and give you hope? As a mentor my expertise is in helping you get your soul cleaned up and healed so that you can be your authentic self. A self that isn't running or hiding from what has been, but instead is leaping toward a future that's overflowing with hope.

If you're ready to take that leap, schedule a call or book a package today. I know you want to live the best life possible and leave a healthy legacy for those who come after you. Let's get started now.

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