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Make Good Use of Your Name


ial media is a fabulous marketing tool for any budget. With the creation of hashtags you can draw attention to any topic and even start a movement or go viral.

I have tons of websites and urls so I spent some time attempting to build a landing page that linked to all the others, and I wasn't able to do it. So I bought another domain and built a kind of landing page on a whole different website.

Update 2022: Now there's Link Tree for this exact thing.

Then, I noticed someone quoted me on social media and used my name as a hashtag #ZariBanks. When I saw that I had an "ah-ha" moment. Because my website is my name I could use it as a hashtag each time I posted it on social media (see pic above).

People really do click on hashtags. I know I do, and it just makes sense to make good use of my name because there aren't many others with it out there (if any), and none that do what and all I do. There's even a search engine just for hashtags – hashatit.comwhich you can use to search when you need to see what's already in use and how.

So, if you're a business owner, blogger, whatever, consider having an about page using your name for the domain. It's a priceless branding strategy. Then train others, by example of use, how to find you on social media by using your name as a hashtag. I shared this in the GYDN business group and one of the members is doing it

If you're ever on Twitter or Facebook, search #ZariBanks and check me out.

If you need more quick and effective strategies for your toolbox consider enrolling in the Supernatural Business Incubator. If you need personalized success strategies, book a package or schedule a call today.

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