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Last Trip of 2017

Before getting to work on January 2, 2018 I flew to Seattle for my first NFL game. It was quite a year-end treat and fun way to spend New Year's Eve. It was cold, too.

The friend who hosted me is a charter seat season ticket holder with a second-row view from the 15-yard line. Wow. I was so overwhelmed with the size of the stadium, the number of people and the concessions that I didn't pay much attention to the game. I was literally calculating how much money was circulating in that small section of Seattle, Wash. for that one event.

I reaffirmed the following about myself: I prefer to watch on tv because all the other goings on are way too distracting for my eternally curious brain. Not to mention being surrounded by drunk people, spitting and spilling, is a little beyond my patience.

Anyhoo, 2017 was easily one of my hardest years in a while. More changes in 12 months than I really needed, and things were difficult until December 30th. Going to this game on the 31st was the signal of and start to a new season for me - Seattle lost and their season ended but mine was just beginning. I'll share more about that throughout 2018 as I enjoy what unfolds.

Here's a brief recap of my travels for 2017:

Seattle, WA

Virginia Beach, VA

Dallas, TX

Seattle, WA

Moved to Seattle part time

Chicago, IL

​Atlanta, GA

Dallas, TX

Chicago, IL

Portland, OR

Los Angeles, CA

Raleigh, NC

Norfolk, VA

Tucson, AZ

I logged some serious miles flown in 2017. I'm expecting more in 2018. I bring up these travels because in April 2016 a colleague said it was time for me to start traveling and I said I didn't like to travel. I believed that until March of 2017. Then I started traveling and now I love it. My wisdom to you is: get out of your comfort zone. Do those things that you don't like to do - at least once and as long as they're healthy behaviors - and grow.

I have some mentoring sessions available in February and March and even more in April. You can book me right from this page or send email inquiries to

Happy New Year!

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