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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

This week I'm sharing with you another strategy I have in my Breakthrough Toolbox and the strategy is journaling. This is a $1 million lifehack and if you put it into practice you'll begin to see the changes and reap the benefits in your life within weeks - if not days.

Our brains and souls, which are connected, of course, file everything we experience whether consciously or unconsciously away. We can train ourselves to recall information more readily through various practices - one of which I remember and utilize from Educational Psychology is known as chunking. Chunking is breaking things up in bits for easy memorization. An example of chunking is telephone numbers. They're three bits for the area code, three bits for the prefix and four bits for the identifier for a total of ten because our brains can naturally grab information in chunks of three, four, seven and ten.

Another way to train your brain to remember things is to write them down. It increases the power of learning. Hearing audio is a great way to learn. Seeing a visual representation is a great way to learn. Combining the two multiplies your ability to learn and retain. Adding writing to hearing and seeing brings even greater increase of understanding and retention.

Not only that, writing is a natural way to organize the multitude of experiences your brain has catalogued. Writing de-clutters your mind. Journaling your thoughts gives you freedom to release things that could keep you upset, hurt or angry onto paper. Journaling allows you to flesh out those small ideas that begin in your mind and birth businesses, books, inventions, plays and countless other projects that have the potential to be streams of income.

As a teacher I always began my writing instruction with journaling - teaching students the simple practice of recording their thoughts by matching word for word what you want to say in your mind on paper. One year two of my first graders won two of three awards for essay writing. They were honored at a school-wide assembly by our principal.

Your brain is always at work but if you don't journal you'll miss opportunities it's offering you to be healed, restored and to prosper. Journaling is necessary. Writing is necessary. We learn about history and life from writings of recorders past and present. Most of the books I've written began as journal entries. That being said, I believe everyone should write a book. It's an opportunity to have your life documented for others. Your life matters.

Take a few minutes each morning to journal your night dreams. Then take a few minutes before bed to journal your day. Don't worry about being legalistic if you miss a few days here and there. Matter of fact, if you can only journal weekly, on your day of rest, do it. It'll bring a new dimension of clarity to your life. In three weeks it'll be a habit and you'll have a record of what you've accomplished to look back over and provide inspiration to keep moving forward.

If you need help journaling, pulling your thoughts together to receive healing or making sense of the historical record you already have schedule a call today.

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