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Frustration and Your Future by Prince Handley

People often ask how I began mentoring others. If you've read my full bio you already know that I'm a state certified master teacher and that I served two years, two districts and multiple school sites as an Instructional Coach which is a mentor or teacher of teachers, and that I hold a masters degree in Teaching & Teacher Education.

I'm one who goes a step above the norm to receive the knowledge and understanding that leads to wisdom which I impart to others. One of my strategies for being an excellent mentor is to secure successful mentoring relationships for myself with others who excell and have far exceeded what I've accomplished thus far. I've always been this way ... I've always reached for the coat strings of champions so that I can learn their secrets. Their secrets work which is why they're successful, and I know that if I follow their advice as far as possible, I'll be successful as well.

Learning to listen to my mentors was a huge lesson for me. HUGE. I used to be a rogue woman. Stupid to be honest. I was book smart but life stupid. Because I was so book smart I thought I didn't need to listen to be able to make it and that's just not true. Not listening and heeding others' advice caused a lot of frustration in my life. But I'm overjoyed beyond belief to say that I've broken through. And you can, too.

Over the last two weeks I've mentored several people who were fed up and frustrated with situations in their lives. Though they were frustrated then, I'm confident that they'll overcome, too, because they reached out to me for wisdom. When I'm frustrated, I reach out to my mentors; one is Prince Handley.

Prince told me in July 2012 that I was a deliverer and would lead others to breakthroughs and successes in life. I also became aquainted with podcasting through his mentorship. Additionally, many of the strategies in my Breakthrough Toolbox have come from his wisdom and resources. Here's one of my strategies to combat frustration - Frustration and Your Future. I listen to this when needed to realign my focus and set my faith for the victory ahead.

Overcoming is all about strategy and action. I'm exceptional at breaking through because I've tasted the goodness time and time again, and I refuse to settle for less. If you're ready to make the necessary changes to experience greater realms and dimensions of success, schedule a call with me today.

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