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Don't Talk About It, Be About It

Don't talk about it​, be about it is one of those sayings that basically means: produce something.

I was thinking over this statement tonight and here I am producing this blog post instead of doing what's on my schedule to do right now. Let me walk you through my rabbit trail of thoughts.

First, I heard the comment, "You're always telling what you're gonna do and sometimes you do it and sometimes you don't." Then the title saying popped into my head.

Third, reasoning came into play. I am always planning to do things. A lot of things because I'm hyper-creative and productive. Not artsy creative, but building businesses and making improvements type creative. Most of the time I plan to do things I do them. But other times, my partner pops up and tells me to go a different route than my original plan, and because He's my angel investor, aka The One With The Funds, I follow instructions because I want to stay in business.

Therefore, if I drop the ball on a project or cancel, there's gotta be a good reason because generally I'm a finisher. I get things done.

Also, there's nothing wrong with changing plans. That's the great thing about successful businesses. On the one hand you're structured and have systems in place, and on the other you have fluidity that keeps you market fresh. And I can say after six years in business, I have more completions and successes than drops and cancels. I'm still here.

Think about where you want to be six years from now. At the rate you're going, will your business or relationship still be around? If you need some help becoming a finisher, schedule a call or book a package and I'll help you prioritize and organize so you can finish those business and personal projects, too.

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