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My first and main mentor inspired the instructions to be doers and not only hearers. If you want a quick piece of advice for success that’s it right there – be a doer and not only a hearer.

I have the most success with mentees who are doers. And when they follow my instructions and do the work, they’ll achieve every breakthrough they’re seeking. It’s a guarantee. That makes for a great mentee: one who listens, receives the revelation and then acts on it. That’s the basics of being a winner. Hear and then do.

Last week I mentioned that being a proficient listener wasn’t natural to me. It’s not natural to anyone. Look at toddlers. We are taught to listen by experiencing the positive rewards it brings. Great mentees hear, receive and do. Poor mentees choose otherwise and remain stuck.

You're a poor mentee if you one who replies to advice given with comments such as, "I know, but ..." and "You don't understand what they did to me." You know what? I know they hurt you. I know what they did was wrong. The problem is you're the one dwelling on it instead of healing and thriving, and they're not. And you very well may "know" with your head what I speak to you, but you haven't implemented the revelation in your heart or life or you would be living abundantly and not in need of the deep work that I do.

I’m a doer. A successful doer, not a spinning my wheels going around in circles because I refuse to change doer. Even when I don’t have someone else walking through a situation directly with me, I still do because I want the next level. Whatever that next level is. For example, I’m sacrificing sleep by working from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. to get to the next levels in a few areas of my life. No one else is walking through this with me, no one else suggested I do it, but I’m doing it because I know I’ll get where I want to be in a specified amount of time.

How do I KNOW I’ll get to the next levels? I know because I’ve made a similar sacrifice before and achieved the results I needed and also because actions have natural reactions and my actions are producing the reactions I desire. I’m not just doing to do. I’m focused and am performing a specific pattern of tasks that lead to specific results. I’m only about 33% of the way through my program and I’ve already experienced more breakthroughs than I can count.

Become a doer. Stop just hearing and not doing and you will succeed. I'm a witness. When you're ready, schedule a call or book a mentoring package. If you need a custom package that we create together, that's perfectly fine. I do it all the time for clients whose budgets are in between one of the standard packages. The goal is to get you to a place where you're experiencing the life of your dreams because it is possible. Time flies, don't wait.

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