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Did You Write it Down?

As we head into the busy fall season, I'm here to remind you to write it down. Whatever it is ... a schedule, a goal, a vision of the future, a dream. Write it down. Now. You can even stop reading and come back after, but write it down.

I write everything out. I have since I was a child. I've always enjoyed consistency, organization and checklists that allow me to track my progress. The pic above shows one of the most-recent lists I had on my daily board. My daily board is actually a mirror covered with notes of all shapes, sizes and colors of things I want to keep in front of my eyes. What I see affects my focus and I want my focus set on some very specifics things that's how I foster success.

Back to the picture. I was down to the last little bit of my 2016 1000 km challenge, and I was bored out of my mind with running. I needed a visual that broke things down in numbers and progress. It's not fancy at all, but it worked and I kept running even though I wanted to quit. I know to be successful and accomplish my goals, whatever the goal, I have to stay motivated and on track so I do whatever's necessary to keep pushing forward.

Everyone has to do that. You may not need lists like I do, but you have to learn, pay and practice whatever it takes to reach your goals and achieve success. It can be done. I'm a witness of the many benefits of perseverance. I actually teach how to persevere in order to win.

A simple way to keep yourself on track to completing a goal is to write it down and keep it posted somewhere visible. WHAT YOU SEE AFFECTS YOUR FOCUS. If you want something, anything, keep it in front of your eyes and you'll be motivated to grab it.

If you need help with goal setting or an accountability partner to keep you moving forward to success, schedule a call or book a package today. I'm a finisher, and specialize in imparting that characteristic into others. I can do that for you in one session.

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