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I'm serious about my goals. So serious that I have three success goals that I've set a deadline to achieve.

This note that you see above is on my focus board. I see it every day and I've even begun sharing with others that these things need to be done by that time. I'm sharing because speaking it out and hearing it solidifies it in my brain, and also because I'm excited about it. We always share what we're passionate about ... it's human nature and it's a good thing.

Sharing also keeps me (us) accountable because those I share with will ask how I'm doing with my goals and I'll have to tell them, I'm on track for success or that I'm falling short. I do not like to fall short.

What are you doing to document and track your goals, and to keep yourself accountable? If you have a system in place, it's a lot easier to hit your target. I'm a witness.

If I can be of assistance to you as you work to break through the place of transition to give birth to a new season in your life, relationships or finances I'm available. Schedule a call or book a package and we'll get you on the road to that next level of success you've been wanting to reach.

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