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Business travel can and should be fun, and not all work. At least that's what I believe.

I was invited to speak at The 1st Women After Restoration (W.A.R.) Conference in Atlanta, GA this past weekend. I was able to feed, uplift and encourage others by sharing how I was homeless August 26, 2011 and six short years later, I'm standing in front of them proving you can be restored after losing everything.

Getting back on your feet after losing EVERYTHING doesn't happen over night, but it can happen if you get your mind right, set goals, seek and secure wise mentors and - most importantly - FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE.

I've done a lot in six short years and if I can, anyone can:

  1. be a published and multiple bestselling author

  2. start and operate several successful businesses

  3. impart wisdom into those who desire abundance

If you're ready for a mentor who wants to walk you into breakthrough and deliverance, schedule a call, book a package for yourself or invite me to teach a group of any size.

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