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Asking Questions is Wise

I got to experience Chicago, IL for the first time last week. It was exciting. It was a trip of quick work that allowed me to be a tourist for the majority of the visit.

On the shuttle to the airport when heading to Chicago, I sat with a curious young man who'd just begun his working career. He asked me tons of questions about my life and businesses.

By the way, asking questions is a skill that is taught in 1st grade (I know because I taught it for many years), that can improve just about any endeavor but isn't as highly valued as it should be.

He'll go far if he keeps up with that inquisitive nature. He said something that really made me stop and think. He said, "It sounds like you have an exciting life." I then had one of those revelatory moments of my life flashing before my eyes, and I realized that yes, even with some difficulties, my life is exciting. And the funny thing is, the losses that I've nursed in the back of my mind weren't included in the flash. I'm reminded of what my son said after receiving the PS4 he'd been saving for since last year, "It seemed like a long time while I was waiting, but now it doesn't seem long at all."

So, I do have an exciting life. I have made sacrifices and experienced losses, as are a part of life. But I have more blessing, joy and abundance than sorrow; and even greater still to look forward to.

How can I help you live the life of your dreams? I'm qualified - master's degree in education, I've taught PreK to adults, I'm published. More importantly, I have personal experience of building from the bottom against all odds, and creating a life and career that a 20-something recognized as exciting.

If you're ready for your next, schedule a call, select a package or book me to come speak to your group or business. All facets of success, abundance and joy are within your grasp. I'm a witness.

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I always have questions and I get embarrassed because I ask too many

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