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Another Year Gone

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes by. As a child, life seemed to take forever. As an adult it goes by so quickly I always feel like I'm running to catch up.

I bought my 2018 planner earlier than normal this year. I usually get it and pens for Christmas but I already had some things to write in so I couldn't wait for December to receive it. An advance-booked schedule is always a great thing for a business owner.

Looking back over this year, I felt as if I didn't do much because I only wrote two books, but I did quite a bit. I spoke at five events, attended a couple conferences, published two books, hosted my first conference, completed two stealth missions, taught nine or 10 courses, mentored about 25 people up close and influenced hundreds from afar. More than hundreds if you count the people influenced by those I influenced.

I also fulfilled a goal I wrote out two or three years ago: travel for work one week a month and be home the other three. Below are pics from some of my Zari Banks, Inc. travels of 2017. Enjoy.

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You did plenty!!!

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