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Another New Beginning

I'm getting ready for another new beginning. And I'm excited about what's in store. Are you?

As each month starts I pull out my calendar and fill in my plans for the days ahead. I can't plan for everything, but I plan for what I know is coming to the best of my ability. Planning enables me to focus and be intentional about my priorities.

April 2017 was really busy because I traveled the first three weeks of the month. While I planned pretty well for my trips, there were things that came up that weren't on my schedule. But, guess what ... everything worked out for my great because of wisdom, problem-solving and support.

I'm thankful for new opportunities to travel, mentor, speak, teach, etc. but I'm reminded more than ever how important planning, preparing and prioritizing are. As my life gets busier and demands on my time increase, I have to be diligent about how I spend it.

This is true for everyone, of course, but crucial for me now that I've (and everyone else who has) launched out into greater realms of influence.

Here are some tips for those who have entered new seasons of more - more clients, activities, travel, opportunities and like:

  1. PLAN: Schedule everything you possibly can, including rest and recreation. My first two weeks of May are so busy, I had to change the date of one of my sabbaths. That was never an issue working with my little bit from home, but being out in the world serving larger populations means I'm subject to others' schedules at times.

  2. PREPARE: Get things ready in advance. Rushing doesn't do your work justice and it doesn't help to resist stress. I had several layovers in airports across the country so I used those times to prepare lessons I needed for future classes. Implementing that bit of wisdom allowed me to get to my next stop, or home, able to rest instead of in a hurry to put a session together.

  3. PRIORITIZE: Over the last three weeks I kept running into obstacles with a new project I'm working on. My mentors forced me to prioritize. They reminded me to make a chronological list and to keep moving forward while dropping what I could, rescheduling what could be rescheduled, adjusting what could be adjusted and accepting changes that didn't take me off my path with grace. Their support in this new season has been priceless.

We all need mentors and coaches. I have mentors who help me succeed and I love to help others succeed. I want to mentor you to the new levels of success you desire to achieve. Schedule a call or book a session and we'll get started right away!

If you're interested in having me teach a large-group session or speak at an event you can message me for booking inquiries at Zari Banks.

Photo of Sea-Tac International Airport by Zari Banks 2017

Flying into this airport always made me feel like I was in Star Wars and landing on one of the planets in the galaxy.

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