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$6 Popcorn

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Do you have a movie-going ritual? I do. When I go to the movies, I always get a soda, popcorn and a hot dog. It doesn't matter what else I've already eaten that day or will later, I get those three things every time. Candy's optional for me, but those three items are not.

Movies for two usually costs me around $50 so when I go, I'm going to see a specific movie. When I lived in Arizona, my friend Bryan and I used to go to the movies and lunch most Mondays because any showing before 1 p.m. was $5. We'd go see anything - whether we thought it would be good or not because ... who cares about $5, right?

I'll tell you who cares about $5. People who've been laid off from jobs and have mortgages, private school and all those other living expenses to pay day in and day out. Homeless people care about $5. Single moms care about $5. I've been in all three of those categories, so please take this message to heart.

First, as a business woman, I don't really fuss over what companies charge for their products and services because I realize they've broken the financials down to value per minute (services) and per item. Overhead has to be paid for the business to exist and it has to be profitable to continue. I get that.

That's a benefit of access to multiple companies that offer similar products and services. Everyone can't afford my services, and that's ok. I service a higher-income bracket. But, my client base allows me to have fewer clients and be able to do a lot of pro bono work. The services I provide free of charge are important to me because I've been laid off, homeless and a single mom and have needed the expertise of a professional but couldn't afford it.

I went to the movies last Wednesday, and when I paid I was kinda grumbling about paying $6 for popcorn, $4 for a hot dog and $5 for a soda. The grumbling stopped when I considered the alternative - sitting through a movie without the items I've conditioned myself to consume. I'm not willing to do that.

Let's look at a couple of the many lessons I see here:

  1. When I want something, I do what I need to do and pay what I need to pay to get it. I'd say this is true about most people - I'm talking 97%. I'm reminded of an article I read last year about this time regarding Verizon Wireless eliminating free phone upgrades for 2-year contract renewals. The logic posed was because people don't want to be without their phones, they'll pay full price ($600 and up) for new ones. I'm a witness that this is true. I paid $649 plus tax and fees to upgrade last summer.

  2. Budgets are created based on priorities. I (we, everyone) make sure I have enough income for the expenses that are important to me. When I want something that I don't have the money for right then and there, I write it on a list, put a plan in place and make it happen. Just last night I crossed off as received the first of four $100 items I have on a list of owning eventually. These aren't things with deadlines, but they're things I want and am not willing to live without. They're a priority for me.

  3. This is a side note: I worked my way out of homelessness with penny (and up to $5) investments so don't despise the day of small things. If you're broke, it's not wise to spend $25 (or even $6) at the movies. That $25 can be turned into a couple 100 for you, if you invest properly. Again I'm a witness of this.

I'm going to continue spending $25 and up to go the movies, I'm sure, but what I want you think about is this: If you're in need of a professional mentor's expertise, but think you can't afford it, you're wrong. If you want something, you'll do what you need to do and pay what you need to pay to get it.

What do you want? Do you want to break through and overcome blocks to success? Do you want to work from home so you can home school? Do you want to improve your communication skills and negotiate a raise, benefits or a promotion? I can help. Contact me today.

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