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O Lord, Deliver Them: Warring for Unsaved Loved Ones

O Lord, Deliver Them: Warring for Unsaved Loved Ones

O Lord, Deliver Them: Warring for Unsaved Loved Ones is a prophetic intercessory guide that opens the door for Yeshua to save all you lift up in prayer. 



"I was emotional after reading Day 1. I can't explain it but I felt something shift or tremble in the supernatural as I read AND as I do with most of your books...*being honest* I closed it and walked away to compose myself and prepare myself. I'm gonna learn you just can't walk up on a ZBanks book all willy nilly! LOL Powerful Z!"


"There were many days that I could have used this book; it is God ordained. It could also be used for those who have backslidden and those who maybe unsure of their salvation. I love it."

"O Lord, Deliver Them is an amazingly anointed book by Zari Banks, one of the most anointed writers of our time. I, like a lot of believers, have family members and friends who need to be saved and Zari has put together a book of prayers that will help us to fight in prayer for their salvation. The prayers contained in this book are powerful and moving, but more importantly, these no-nonsense prayers are effective! Warring for the salvation of loved ones is not a new concept but this book lets you know that you are not fighting alone; heaven is backing you up and that is a great reminder that will keep you praying and believing. If you have family members, friends or co-workers who need salvation, get this book and pray these prayers, then watch as salvation comes to those you have been praying for!"


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