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Focus on Today

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Focusing on today is important. It keeps us from being overwhelmed, helps us to live in the present and allows us to win.

Think of all the hours we've spent (or for some, spend) contemplating things that are happening days, weeks or months from now. Or the conversations we've had when we've pretended to listen but were really previewing future events.

I've committed to stop doing such. And I admit that's a challenge for me because my brain moves quickly and I'm always planning ahead. Take this very post, for example. I'm writing it well in advance during an hour of my day that's scheduled for rest. There's nothing wrong with planning, everyone should plan parts of life. But you can't and shouldn't plan everything, and note to self: when you've planned to rest, rest. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Let's take a closer look at the above reasons to focus on today:

  1. Our brains are powerful and amazing, but they function at a much higher level of efficiency when we're all in for any given moment. Being totally focused on the task, person or recreation at hand means there's less of a tendency to be overwhelmed because we have every sense and mental resource available to process the situation appropriately.

  2. Living in the present is a sure-fire stress buster. Get ready for a cliche ... the past is gone and every future moment has yet to materialize. All we really have is right now to enjoy. Take a deep breath, exhale and decide to be fully present in every minute available for participation. Being fully present (attentive) does wonders for personal and business relationships so it's worth the effort to practice and master this skill.

  3. Winning is the natural result of implementing reasons 1 and 2. Focusing to allow your brain and emotions to perform with excellence and being fully attentive to the people with you or assignments you're working on are processes that foster success.

Simple but not easy - like most things that create champions. Just keep at it. That's my plan. I'm going to practice 1 and 2 in an area at a time and let the wins stack up. Every biography of an extraordinary individual has a line that tells us they repeated a process too many times to count, and then it eventually paid off. The same can happen for you if you want it to be so.

If you need help focusing on today, read the book I Say So: Speaking My Way to Success. If you need one-on-one help, an accountability partner or strategy specific to your situation, book a mentoring package or schedule a call today.

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