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2nd Indy Author & Publisher Showcase

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Erricka, Texas

I've been watching those Business Incubator videos and I woke up literally with a to-do list from Heaven! I got to work before I went to church and look what Heaven gave me and I produced and created!! I'm so excited! I promise you're a gem.

Jennifer, Florida

My [Courts of Heaven] session uncovered things I needed to know to break out of stagnation. Ever since my session I have been happier. My mind is at peace. Career uncertainty resolved. Provisionally I have not ran dry.

Dominique, North Carolina

Thank you for this! I scrapped everything I considered a routine and started over. I repented for being all over the place and realized that when you said: "First, get a calendar or planner that works for you. If you can't find one for purchase that's exactly what you need, create one," that was for me.
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